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About us

Keeda - A small warm. Though it's small word but whatever big created in this world had been driven by this Keeda. We all live with some Keeda inside us. Some people has an Entrepreneur Keeda, Fashion Keeda, Fitness Keeda, Photography Keeda, Travel Keeda or even a Perfection Keeda!


But where this Keeda comes from? It comes from your relentless passion for something. Something which others don't see but you see! Something which others don't like but you like it madly and something which actually drives you! A combination of the passion plus perception of doing something! Initially without any purpose but you find the purpose on your way to your journey. On your way to destination (driven by Keeda); it will demand lot of your time, lot of your energy and focused attention to make things happen(-of course the way you expected). But the more energy you put in; you get multiplied energy back.


Driven by the Entrepreneur Keeda - which resulted into the creation of the Fantasy is something which resides in our sub-conscious and we are the only one who knows about it. Sometimes it stays there years on years till the time we fulfill it. We have the solution! Now don't let your naughty fantasies parked in your sub-conscious for the years and decades! has a collection of Naughty Fantasy Dresses to fulfil your wildest fantasy. We offer a Sexy Fantasy Dresses ranging from Babydoll, Chemise, Stocking, Garters, Erotic Costumes and Sex Accessories. Fulfil your fantasies with - Online Sexy Lingerie Store in India.